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    An action game in the climate of survival horror, which combines solutions known from Dead Island and Mirror's Edge. We get an open world with a dynamic day and night cycle that has a significant impact on the game.

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Dying Light on PC Download

In Dying Light, we fight mutated people primarily with the help of white and blunt weapons, less frequently - firearms. The title offers various weapons, from axes and machetes, through halberds, and hammers and sticks. Great emphasis was also placed on the extensive equipment creation system, thanks to which we can combine seemingly useless items with the chosen weapon, thus achieving a damage bonus. As you progress in the story mode, we gradually gain experience, and the great possibilities of character development allow us to adjust our skills to suit our style of play.

The characteristic feature of the title is a movement system inspired by the work of EA DICE - Mirror's Edge. The hero can jump from building to building with grace and agility worthy of the best parkorer. The solution used by the creators creates new opportunities, and thus - we can visit virtually every corner of the city, regardless of how inaccessible the road to the destination will appear. In turn, the dynamic cycle of day and night makes the gameplay is not just a bloody and merciless slaughter with mutants. In Dying Light it's sometimes better to get away from most enemies than face them, especially at night, when the game's environment changes beyond recognition.

Dying Light Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - Awakening - Campaign Mission 1

The dynamics of the presented world goes hand in hand with openness - during the game we will often come across random events and it depends on us whether we want to help someone, or if we can bypass the possible threat. The authors foresaw many side tasks, which are a nice springboard from the storyline.

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PC Installer, it is a program that will allow you to download and install the full version of Dying Light Download with the maximum speed of your internet connection. The program is very easy to use, no additional software is required. It is important that Windows 7/8/10 system and the .NET Framework 4 or more are required for proper operation of the program.

Dying Light Download operates on the sixth generation of Chrome Engine, a high-level graphics engine with the possibility of including advanced options related to DirectX 11 libraries. The engine used can display a huge, diverse area with objects visible in the distance and a large number of characters at the same time. Care was also taken for physics and animation, thanks to which the melee is very realistic, and the character's movements while jumping on roofs are fluid. The Techland game allows you to play a solo campaign, and - like the Dead Island - together with your friends in a four-person cooperation via the Internet.

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